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Search our huge database now!

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What is guest posting?

Guest posting is the process of reaching out to websites that accept guest authors and requesting that you write content for their website. Typically the arrangement of writing content for another website results in you acquiring a backlink from the website you are submitting your content to that points towards your own website. However this is not always the case and its best to discuss this with the website you are submitting your content to in advance so all parties are clear about the arrangement.

Will guest posting make my website appear higher in Google?

Many people ask if guest posting will make my website appear higher in Google? Typically a backlink or two is allowed to be included in your post/article that you submit as a result of this your backlink count to your website will increase which typically results in your website appearing higher in Google as backlinks are still Google's number one ranking factor and the most powerful way to improve your search engine optimisation.

How can I find guest posting websites?

When trying to find guest posting websites most people typically search google with advanced search modifiers such as "keyword" + "write for us". While this method will return websites that allow guest post submissions it is typically a very slow process that results in many websites being missed due to incorrect keywords being used and only a small set of the advanced search modifiers such as "write for us". Also many key website metrics such as MOZ DA (how powerful the domain is from an SEO/backlink point of view) and their amount of social media followers. This is important as your posts are often shared with the websites social media followers. Our solution is simple, we've already found all these websites using thousands of niche keywords and over 50 advanced search modifiers. We've also got all the website's MOZ DA and social metrics. Another advantage of our 50,000 big website database is that you will be searching not just websites that are returned for the example search of "bowling" + "write for us" but you will also be searching our database for websites by HTML titles, descriptions, keywords and homepage text. Allowing you to find many many more websites than if you were manually searching Google.

Is guest posting safe?

Guest posting is safe as long as you are not in violation of Google's webmaster guide lines. Many people simply buy guest posts and use poor quality content, this method is nothing but buying dangerous links on public blog networks and will eventually get your website deindexed. If you write guest posting for well known established websites and provide them with quality informative content that their website's readers will love then you have nothing to fear.

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