Hi Everyone,

My name is Jamie and I'm the proud owner of Big Guest Posting.

I started Big Guest Posting in May 2018 after searching for days for a database of websites that accept guest posts as I wanted to promote another business of mine because we all know what guest posting can do for your business, it helps you grow your brand and gets you a steady flow of high quality traffic that converts, plus those killer backlinks.

I quickly realised that what I was looking for simply didn't exist, so I'd simply have to create it myself. I knew what a technical challenge creating this type of database and usable system would be but being an experienced developer and business owner....this challenge really excited me.

After months of testing and fighting various technical blocks, Big Guest Posting was born.

A simple system allows you to find high quality niche related websites that would normally be missed when searching for guest posting opportunities manually.

It also gives you all the key metrics such as MOZ Domain Authority and how much social reach (thats Twitter and Facebook audiences) each website has, this can help you filter out low quality public blog networks.

The system can also help you save a HUGE amount of time, did you know there around 60 different terms (such as "write for us" and "become a contributor") that you can search for when looking for guest posting opportunities?

Now times that by how many different niche keywords you have, that's hundreds, maybe even thousands, of manual Google searches you'll have to perform.

I've done all that for you already, saving you literally days and days of work.

I sincerely believe this system will help rocket your buisness to the top of Google and accelerate the grow of your brand to make you a well known authority in your niche.

I'd also really like to hear about any suggestions for improvements or even problems you encounter.

Now lets get growing your business!

All the best,