Keyword Tool Demo

Anyone can simply insert our powerful but simple to use keyword tool into their own website simply by pasting in the two lines of code below.

                    <div id="BGP-KeywordTool"></div>
                    <script src=""></script>

You can even apply your own website's CSS classes to the elements the tool generates to blend it into your website's design. You simply add your CSS classes as attribute values in the containing DIV. For example you can style the "Enter Your Keywords Below" h2 heading to have a CSS class of "header-two" by simply adding this to the containing DIV like so...

                    <div id="BGP-KeywordTool" H2="header-two"></div>
                    <script src=""></script>
Here is a complete list of the elements you can apply CSS classes to.
  • H2 - apply a style to this attribute to style the H2 headers such as "Positive Filter", "Negative Filter", "Job Results" and "Enter Your Keywords Below".
  • TextArea - apply a style like so TextArea="class-one class-two" to customise the results textrea, keyword input textarea, and filters textareas.
  • StartButton - apply a style to the start button like so StartButton="btn btn-lg btn-success".
  • StopButton - apply a style to the stop button like so StartButton="btn btn-lg btn-danger".
  • CheckBoxes - apply a style to the search options checkboxes like so CheckBoxes="checkbox-padder"
  • CheckBoxLabels - apply a style to the search options label (text) like so CheckBoxLabels="bolder"
  • FilterButtons - apply a style to the positive filter and negative filter buttons with FilterButtons="example-button-class"
  • ResetButtons - apply a style to the reset filter buttons with ResetButtons="reset-button-class"

Tool Features

This keyword tool takes keyword suggestions straight from Google suggest itself so any results returned have search volume. Here are just a few features of this tool.

  • No limits on the keywords you can enter and the results that are returned. This tool can generate hundreds of thousands of results.
  • You can turn on a deep search option that will return extra long tail searches you had no idea existed
  • Tool can even prefix popular search strings such as "cheap" + keyword, "how much is" + keyword, "buy" + keyword, "where to buy" + keyword
  • Powerful search options allow you to filter down to only the type of keywords you want. For example filter all keywords with "free" out of the results with one button click.

Here is a plain unstyled version of the tool for you to play around with. Please note this tool although free requires authorisation from our side first before it will work on your website. Please fire us a message with which page you'd like it on and we'll OK your website in our system.